Donation through State Bank of Pakistan:

Under instructions from the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the State Bank of Pakistan opened an account titled Supreme Court of Pakistan Diamer Basha and Mohmand Dam Fund. Amount can be deposited by cash, cheques and online transfer in the account for the dams.
Details of bank and account number are following:

  • Bank: State Bank of Pakistan

  • Account Name: Supreme Court of Pakistan Diamer Basha and Mohmand Dam Fund

  • Account No:     03-593-299999-001-4


How to help

Pakistan Dam Fund Emergency - Please help  donate so we can complete this Dam  construction to support our country. Diamer-Bhasha Dam is a concrete-filled gravity dam, in the preliminary stages of construction, on the River Indus in Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan.            

Daimer Basha Dam

Daimer Basha Dam Hydropower will provide the required electricity at affordable price. Contribution of 4500 MW power from this project will go a long way in alleviating this situation of electrical and controlling our water shortage.


Mohamand Dam Project
Mohmand Dam Hydropower Project has a gross water storage capacity of 1.3 million acre feet (MAF) that could irrigate about 17 thousand acres of land. 

Latest project

The government has decided to establish the Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand Dam Fund for raising financing for the construction of these two critical reservoirs in a bid to fight impending water scarcity.


The decision came after the Supreme Court earlier this week issued directives that construction of the two dams should start immediately and appealed to the people, including overseas Pakistanis, to make contribution for executing the projects.


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